An ode to the Banana tree

Lokesh Kannan
2 min readDec 5, 2022
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I planted one, but now they’ve become ten.

They grew in quiet and calm when the world was in flu loosing its charm.

The different plants and the joy they bring, I’ve not known them for a while I think.

Into my garden they came, one by one.

The snake and the palm were a little mellow and that thorny one, a tricky little fellow.

The Bonsai plants were no fun, while the creepers were asking for more sun.

But none as loved as this one,

Because I’ve planted one and they’ve become ten.

The leaves that stretch like an angel’s wing and the evening breeze that makes them swing.

Their large leaves for the festive day,

Even the gods eat from them they say

When they love, they love you with all their self.

I fell them down, they don’t cry, for they gave fruit and shoots.

“Why so humble” I ask?

They say “ Sir, we grew from roots”

After that big flower,

when its time, they bow down with fruits

“Why so generous “ I ask?

They say “Sir, we touch lives like a river”

The fallen one said “I’ve given you my self”

I wept in grief, with all his strength he said,

“Cry not Sir”, for I’ve left you nine.