Lessons learnt in the last 40 days.

Lokesh Kannan
2 min readApr 3, 2023
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The two important questions I always try to answer to myself are the following.

  1. What value am I adding to this world ?
  2. What problems am I solving for others?

If you’re following me, then you’d already know that I am trying to build an online community for GTM teams to learn and adapt to new age AI tools. I started to work on this idea since mid February and its been an exciting journey.

From an ideation phase to going live, this is one of the fastest passion projects I’ve ever worked on. I also got a friend of mine join with me in this journey and we’ve been trying to reach out to many AI organisations to feature their AI tools in our website.

Ideally we wanted to create a simple landing page in our website for every AI tool and make some basic information available that visitors can use. However, we realised along the way that our branding sometimes makes it difficult for people to relate to what we are doing. Given the fact that AI is a buzzword, having a website or a community without the word AI in it could become a suicidal mission for us in branding and failing to make a first impression in less that a second. Our brand is called Ubinomix which has no hint of what we are going to speak about.

In additon to this, we are also more passionate about the AI industry as a whole. In the last 40+ days of reading & researching on AI, listening to folks like Mike Kaput and Paul Roetzer made a deep impact on the importance of AI and the forthcoming technology changes. We realized that the scope of AI is very large and we wanted to broaden our horizons instead of just restricting ourselves on just AI tools. No one likes generalists but AI is so vast a topic that none can become a generalist so soon.

With new lens from following the industry trends very closely and trying to answer some of our basic questions, we want to add value and solve problems that not only benefits professionals find new tools but also for AI startups and founders.

We are rebranding our website and logo to support the new direction we are taking and also come up with more quality content than focusing on AI startups, strategies as well in addition to AI tools.

Thanks for reading through.