The AI Spotlight show by AI Brains

Lokesh Kannan
3 min readSep 21, 2023
The AI Spotlight Show by AI Brains,

When we started AI Brains early this year, we were determined to bring more awareness about using different AI tools for work but our journey took an interesting turn, while we were invested in researching about new AI startups and tools to review and bring it to professionals, it hit us hard that there are more founders who are trying to build new age, deep tech AI startups. The raw, hands-on emperical knowledge required to build these AI startups and models is still rare and worlds away from the reach of these first time AI founders.

The important rule about building a successful business is not in knowing what to do but knowing what to avoid and right now the most important lesson that could benefit these AI founders across the globe is in learning from each other’s mistakes and avoiding certain paths that will lead them nowhere early on their journey. This will save them time and money.

In the same spirit of helping these founders, I am launching a small initiative to first talk to as many of them as possible from varied backgrounds and industries. While it’s a daunting task for me personally to carry forth a conversation with a techie, as someone who does not understand deep tech or how Transformers work, it still gives me so much excitement to do so mainly for these reasons

  • Go out there and add some real value into the world without any expectations.
  • Help people avoid mistakes that will cost their career, growth and mental health.
  • Establish a network of AI founders who’ll guide and help each other out.
  • Have loads of fun. I enjoy learning new things and meeting awesome people.

One of my favorite quotes from Henry Ford goes like this

“Coming together is the beginning, working together is progress and staying together is success.

The above adage has so much depth to it that I am literally going to approach it on first principles. The first thing to do is “Coming together” — Bring these founders together and attract them to a single focal point that will later become a forum and in the process also shed spotlight on their wonderful ideas and organizations that could be a short branding exercise.

While I am so used to listening to these podcasts and watching founder interviews, I want to truly unearth what are the actual challenges these AI founders will be facing and hence start simply by making the interview an MVP to the actual interview I actually want to conduct. I am coming up with some ground rules

  1. The first level of the AI Spotlight show will be short 25–30 minute interviews that will focus on introducing these founders, how they got their team together to pursue a dream and what motivates them daily. All this information consolidated within the first 20 minutes and then room for 5 minutes for a short demo.
  2. These interviews will be recorded in Zoom mostly and the focus will be on enabling visibility to these founders and their brands.
  3. We’ll be uploading the entire recording post production to Youtube and use LinkedIn, Our website Resources page (coming soon) to feature these interviews.
  4. The goal is to speak to at least 50 founders in the next 6 months.

We are calling this initiative “The AI Spotlight Show”

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Lokesh Kannan

22 Sep 2023, 2:05 AM